Monday, November 10, 2008

The Lovers

Meet The Rohrig Tarot! Its cards are enormous, over six inches long and over three inches wide, which they almost have to be in order for the deck's artwork to appreciated. The artwork is exceptional. I love this deck, I only wish it were easier to shuffle. This deck can't be shuffled, not really. I keep hoping they'll one day create a pocket version.

The Lovers is not a card I usually see as representative of a couple in love. As it's a Major Arcana card and therefore tending to pertain more to our karmic lives than our earthly lives, it's not hard for me to see other meaning in this card than romantic.

In many decks you see a couple embracing and while one partner seems content, the other seems to look very sad or resigned. I've drawn this card many times and seen it as a message that, no, s/he's just NOT that into you.

In other decks The Lovers often shows three people who are posed in such a way that you can tell that one of the three is trying to choose which lover to keep and which lover to break it off with. For this reason, The Lovers is often a card about choices, decision making, and consequences.

This card is sometimes depicted with a spiritual or celestial being looking down on a couple. In this instance, it's may have some romantic meaning for me, but not necessarily.

In those decks where The Lovers are depicted as Adam and Eve, I might see this card as having to do with knowledge, learning, exposed secrets, or of a sign that someone is indulging in something "forbidden."

Because The Lovers can come up to represent karmic unions, to me it may mean someone is trying to come to terms with their own duality. For instance, someone may may be new at exploring their spiritual side and be having trouble finding the balance between their daily life and their spiritual journey.

In the negative this card makes me think of the Two of Swords. It may come up to represent a difficult choice, especially one where no outcome is desireable. It can certainly indicate relationship difficulties, but not necessarily of a romantic nature. Like The Devil it could be representing temptation or indecision. Reversed it may be a symbol of divorce or of a rift forming between two or more people who were very close.